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Just Cigarette is a well establishes source for cigarette information online, being around for a few years now. They provide all types of cigarette information, like cigarette site reviews and recommendations, cigarette news, and they  hold cigarette forums for discussions relating to anything about cigarettes.



Online Cigarettes

Online ordering of cigarettes is now an extremely popular option among smokers throughout America. Ordering cigarettes online makes buying cigarettes for smokers in America much easier. Now there is no need for smokers to have to go down to the local shops to buy their cigarettes. This makes the appeal in online ordering of cigarettes very, very appealing.

The biggest and main attractive factor that appeals mostly to smokers who order online is the prices of online cigarettes. The cigarettes that you find available online are significantly cheaper than cigarettes you will find in shops in America. This is due to the fact that these cigarettes you find online are normally purchased in large amounts and are stored in bonded warehouses, so when the cigarettes are imported into America the taxes are excusable and also there is no duty when cigarettes are shipped one carton at a time. Without paying the tax and import duty for online cigarettes makes buying cigarettes online really cheap.

There are so many products available online at the moment; it should seem natural for smokers to purchase cigarettes online? Governments are so against the sale of cigarettes online because of the factors in avoiding taxes and import duties that it feels wrong to order cigarettes online. Online cigarette retailers are made to seem as risky sources for purchasing cigarettes to scare smokers from purchasing these cheaper cigarettes. All these online cigarette retailers are trying to do is provide smokers with cigarettes that are tax free or duty-free, and donít forget that there are hundreds of other products on the internet sold tax/duty-free.

With ordering cigarettes online there are a few concerns and difficulties that can come about. Ordering anything online is a risk to some extent, you are liable to fraud in many circumstances, itís recommended to check the site and payment provider when ordering. If the cigarette site provides a secure server that doesnít allowed fraud while paying for cigarettes then you are a lot better off. Delivery times can be very unpredictable for first time ordering of cigarettes on a particular site. It could state on the website that delivery takes up to 2 weeks for cigarettes to reach your doorstep, but if that cigarette retailer is not reliable in keeping to delivery times then you could be waiting longer like with any product you order online.

In general, ordering cigarettes online is very attractive to any smoker. The prices of cigarettes you see online are very low in comparison to cigarettes you will find in shops. The ease of ordering cigarettes online is another plus factor to attract smokers to order cigarettes online; cigarettes are delivered straight to your house and overall ordering online is very quick and simple.


Cigarette Types

Full Flavour - Full flavour cigarettes are high flavoured cigarettes that are also filtered cigarettes. Out of all cigarettes, full flavour cigarettes are the second highest for nicotine and tar levels in cigarettes, making them quite potent for taste.


Lights - Light cigarettes were produced to give smokers an alternative cigarette that is lower for potency and a lesser taste that is easier to smoke. The tar and nicotine levels are supposedly lower in light cigarettes too.


Ultra Lights - Ultra Light cigarettes have the lowest levels of tar and nicotine on the market for cigarettes. The taste of an ultra light cigarette is less apparent being a more subtle cigarette. There are also very small holes on the filters of ultra light cigarettes.


Mild cigarettes - Milder cigarettes are meant to have a slight decrease in nicotine and tar levels in mild cigarettes. The taste is also seemed to be considered milder because of this, but the latest research into cigarettes show that the difference between all types of cigarettes is very insignificant, because tar and nicotine levels do not change at all.


Non Filters - Non Filter cigarettes are seen as the most potent cigarettes on the market, having the highest levels of tar and nicotine out of all cigarette types. With non filter cigarettes there is no filter like on regular cigarettes or other cigarettes. Non filter cigarettes are considered to be more damaging to us, but a recent scientific study into cigarette health affects shows that all cigarettes have near enough the same effect on us.


Menthol cigarettes - The one major difference in menthol cigarettes is that they have a mint taste.





Top 3 Online Cigarette Brands

#1 Marlboro - By far Phillip Morris's Marlboro is the most recognised brand of cigarettes in the world as well as online. Marlboro cigarette sales online and off beat any other brand of cigarette by some margin, Marlboro cigarettes practically dominate the cigarette industry. Marlboro supply cigarettes  in all forms and all the main types of cigarettes that you can find., Full flavour cigarettes, light cigarettes, ultra lights, and  menthol cigarettes. The Marlboro brand identity has reached such an immense status that Marlboro cigarettes have become familiar in every household. Smokers to non-smokers, the vast majority of the world are familiar with Marlboro cigarettes making Marlboro our no.1 cigarette brand.


#2 Camel - Camel cigarettes are our no.2 out of all cigarette brands available online. The Camel brand and Camel cigarettes is very popular among online buyers of cigarettes. Camel cigarettes have a unique brand appeal, with their Mediterranean and milder tobacco taste a large number of smokers find Camel preferable to other cigarette brands. When advertising was not prohibited of cigarettes Camel heavily advertised their brand and cigarettes. The recognition they have gained from advertising and the popularity in taste of their cigarettes makes Camel a very frequent seller online. Offering mild cigarettes, non-filter cigarettes, full flavour cigarettes, and light cigarettes smokers who choose Camel have a number of options in what type of cigarettes they prefer.


Cheap Cigarettes - The overall online sales of cigarettes show that many smokers who are looking for cigarettes online go for cheap cigarettes quite frequently. Cheap cigarettes online appeal vastly to smokers because the price difference to those cigarettes that you will see in your local shops and stores is enormous. Cigarettes online are generally cheaper because there is no tax or duties to pay on many cigarettes that you find online. On top of that, the cigarettes that are imported from other countries are produced with less expense, meaning even cheaper cigarettes. This price of those cigarettes you see in shops to those cigarettes online can be from 50% or above usually.

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